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Part of the challenge of this learning experience is that I don’t necessarily have an end goal in mind. Obviously I would love to be fluent in Russian, but I don’t think you can ever know too much about another language to ever reach an end point. That being said there will be difficulties ahead, and I am in no doubt that at some point I may be tempted to reconsider my previous statement.

I’m sure at this point I should also have some concerns that:

1. I will be self-taught (a daunting prospect in itself)

2. Being self-taught means that it ultimately comes down to me to push myself further

3. My motivation may ebb at some point

But like any rookie that’s ever decided to learn an entirely new language, I am far too eager to get stuck in to worry about any of that! I shall undoubtedly stumble along, my “complete course for beginners” at the ready, and find myself somewhere on the other side…