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After last week’s panic it only seems right that the next step on my Russian journey would be learning directions… and when the museum opens and closes. Essentials? I think so.

If we’re being honest, the ‘tourist’ section of any language learning sometimes only seems relevant if we’re interested in being tourists. After all most native locals don’t have to ask for directions, the museum opening times or whether you can speak English. But they sure as hell know how to. Whether we want to accept it or not, in visiting any foreign country by definition we become tourists, and being able to ask where the nearest hotel is or how to reach a particular restaurant shouldn’t be seen as a negative attribute. Yes, it might make it blatantly obvious that you’re not local to the place or even a native to the country, but you bothered to learn, to try and to integrate…which is more than can be said of most.

So all things considered it would be almost blasphemous to glide over such an important part of a language. On with the ‘tourist’ jargon I go…