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I’m back! It’s been quite a while since my last post with life somehow managing to get in the way, so I guess I should cut right to the chase on the learning Russian front… firstly I haven’t given up, though I have slowed down with other commitments taking up much of my time.

Right now, the Russian’s rather rocky (how’s that for alliteration?!). And so to help solve this problem, after a little research or rather a lot (believe me when I say there is an endless amount written on learning a new language) I decided to shift the focus of my approach, at least for now. Read any number of articles and you’ll find conflicting information, disputes over which method is best and how long you need to dedicate to learning a language. Many of these articles and talks are incredibly interesting, and I’d highly encourage anyone to give them a read, but what struck me most was the need to evaluate what exactly I want out of this experience…conversational Russian? Fluency? The ability to just read and write Russian?

The answer is fluency. But fluency takes time and complete immersion in the language, which right now is difficult to spare. So whilst fluency is still the long term goal, my short term ambitions have shifted slightly. Right now my goal is comprehension, both listening and reading which hopefully will have a knock on effect on my own spoken Russian.

I now listen to Russian radio everyday, юмор FM is the radio station of choice for me right now for the very reason that comedy can shed a huge amount of light on a particular culture. It’s just one of the many radio stations that plays music entirely in the Russian language which helps with being completely immersed in the language (it’s also easy to have on in the background any time of the day). Russian TV has proved particularly interesting too – though I definitely still don’t understand much of what is said, the 90s-esque visuals are extremely helpful in gauging the basic premise of the storyline.

I might dip into my Russian grammar book every now and again too! But until next time до свидания.