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To say that’s been a while since I last posted would be an understatement, nevertheless I am back and hopefully for good this time!

When I first started The Lingo Challenge almost a year ago (where did the time go?!) I had high expectations; my Russian wouldn’t be perfect, there’d still be a lot to learn and a whole host of challenges along the way, but I’d be semi-competent, able to communicate in somewhat broken Russian. That was a year ago. Now, my expectations have shifted, but the end goal is the same. I still want to be proficient in Russian, it just might take me a little longer than I’d anticipated.

So, as for my Russian right now, it’s still coming along albeit slowly. I still dip into my grammar book every now and then (Russian grammar can be a tad overwhelming at times), I still enjoy listening to Russian radio and my vocabulary/pronunciation has improved, and perhaps most importantly I haven’t given up. The next year might be much the same, but that isn’t half bad – plus this year with a bit of luck I’ll have more time to put in!

Be back soon!