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So what’s been happening since my last post?

Despite things being pretty hectic this last week or so, a word a day is still going strong. By my reckoning I’ve got about 28 new words under my belt, which doesn’t sound like a lot but will quickly add up – although I’m not exactly sure when I’ll need to know how to say Гоголь-моголь!

The great thing about a word a day though is feeling as though I’m getting somewhere. Some days I stick to just one word, but sometimes one word doesn’t feel as if it’s quite enough and I’m compelled to do just that little bit more! Out comes the Russian workbook and my stash of notes.

I’ve also found that learning whole phrases can be a particularly useful task – not only does it add to your vocabulary, but can be especially handy when trying to pick up little bits of Russian grammar (it’s a more interesting way of doing at least).

More to follow soon!