After last week’s little hiatus from conventional language learning, this week I decided to bring back the books, which got me thinking about how I spend my time learning Russian.

For the most part it’s been divided between grammar books, films/TV and textbooks. Most days I try to do half an hour, which may not sound like a lot but as I’ve said before, it quickly adds up. But is half an hour too little, and should I be doing more?

To answer this question I thought I’d turn to google, and others out there trying to learn a language. The results, as expected, were varied but a couple of articles on the subject really stood out.

The first was a post made by Kris Broholm – Top Secret Resource – which in and amongst the many posts about language learning techniques such as Pimsleur, Babbel and Rosetta Stone, was the perfect reminder that the only key ingredient is time, even if that is just an hour a day (if you really can only spare 10 minutes or so, don’t be discouraged – anything is better than nothing!).

But going it alone can sometimes seem daunting, and progress slow. Enter the second blog that caught my attention – language learning with a running partner – sort of… When we set ourselves goals in many other aspects of our life, be that diet or fitness, we are often encouraged to find ‘partners’ for moral support. Why should it be any different for language?

So the plan for the coming week? Try to spend a bit more time on my Russian, and see if I can find myself a ‘partner’ in crime to share the highs and lows!