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This week I’ve decided to keep things short and sweet.

First off, no partner in crime as of yet. I’m still working on that front, but I have a few leads to keep me occupied for the present.

Secondly, after last week’s post (which you can read here), I have consciously tried to spend a bit more time on my Russian every day. Suffice it say, on the whole I stuck to this plan, managing to squeeze in an extra 15 minutes per day, give or take.

As it turns out, I quite enjoyed the challenge (as if learning Russian wasn’t challenging enough?!) – so I’ve decided that it could be quite fun to set myself a new challenge each week just to keep me on my toes. So, the next challenge?

Well, in the interests of manageability, my challenge won’t quite reach the dizzy heights of being able to recite Russian law or political history. Instead, for the next week I’ll be trying to learn how to write, read and name everyday objects from around the house. “What’s challenging about that?!” I hear you cry – for starters there’s a seemingly infinite list of things I can learn, so the chances of the challenge having to end early are relatively slim. Also, let’s not forget that this is Russian we’re talking about, and there’s probably a whole set of grammar rules that I can begin to work my way through.

Wish me luck!