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It it is perhaps best to start with the title of this post – A Brief Hiatus. This coming week, I’ll be taking a short break from my Russian – not because I feel I’ve hit a brick wall, or that I am swamped with all the new vocabulary, but instead because the week ahead is looking rather busy for me with work and visiting friends. So no Russian at all? Well maybe I’ll stick to ‘word a day’, but not much more.

Now that that’s out of the way, how’s this week’s Russian gone? Pretty well – I managed to learn all the numbers to тридцать один (and a few more, though I didn’t quite reach шестьдесят – that challenge will have to be continued….). As for catching up on выжитъ после, I managed to squeeze in a couple of episodes and it’s safe to say that I am hooked! For those of you that are interested, here is the first episode.

So until next time, check out my other posts here, and keep up with the good work!

до свидания