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What I’ve learned this week: Russian children’s TV is a gateway to the weird and wonderful…

Learning a new language is a lot like being a child again – there’s a lot of words you don’t know (if that’s not an understatement I don’t know what is), you are constantly asking questions about what something means, and it seems like everyone else knows more than you do.

But children learn  whether that’s through interacting with their peers and parents, or learning to read and watching TV. So what better way to take a break from the grammar side of things, than watching some Russian TV aimed at children.

By no means did I understand everything that was going on, but the slower speech patterns and simplified vocabulary were particularly useful, as were the accompanying animations. Like most children’s TV the story-lines were “imaginative” if not a little far-fetched, but if you can’t be fanciful when it comes to children’s programmes then when can you?

If you haven’t tried watching kids TV, I’d highly recommend it, even if it is just to get a handle on the accent and pronunciation that the language you’re trying to learn uses.

Below are a couple of videos that I picked out for those of you learning Russian: