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Hello again!

As the title of this post suggests, today’s blog is all about reading so I’ll get stuck straight in!

One of the biggest complaints about language learning is that there’s not enough time in the day to practise. A quick scour of the internet will probably lead you to believe that this is false, that you are simply not making time for it and instead wasting those precious minutes. Quit watching Netflix when you could be practising, use the commute to work to your advantage, stop spending time on the internet and social media.

This is valuable advice…to a degree.At some point you need to switch off and take a break, you’re only human after all. So if you’re wondering how reading can help, keep reading (pun definitely intended)!

  • You don’t need to read a novel – great if you can, but if that’s too much of an ask right now don’t worry there’s plenty of other reading material!
  • You want to read a novel but you’re not sure where to start and it all seems a bit daunting? Read a novel you’ve already read in your native language – you already know what to expect and can at least muddle your way through.
  • Reading material can be anything – a magazine article, a news story, an instruction manual, a buzzfeed quiz, the list goes on. As long as you’re reading it in your target language (TL), who cares!
  • It can be as short or as long as you’re comfortable with – challenge yourself but don’t feel like you have to be overwhelmed!
  • Find something that interests you – are you a running fanatic? Read something about your hobby in your TL, not only will you have a vested interest in what you’re reading but you might learn something new whilst you’re at it!

Good luck!