Starting to Enjoy Russian Grammar…


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No, your eyes don’t deceive you and you haven’t read that wrong. I’m going to go out on a limb and publicly declare that I am indeed beginning to enjoy Russian grammar.

For most people, grammar tends to be their least favourite thing about learning a language, particularly if it has a gruelling, highly complex structure that is dependent on cases. Recently however, I’ve been paying more attention to Russian grammar than I have done previously. Continue reading


NY’s Resolution Blues Banished


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So with all the best intentions, your decision to learn a new language has fallen by the wayside. You’re not alone – it’s right about now that most people tend, realistically, to give up on their New Year’s resolutions, and start dreaming of the summer. Given the cold weather, I don’t blame them, but to pack it all in after two weeks is a meagre effort and getting back on the right track might be simpler than you think… Continue reading

How to Learn a Language (& Not Give up After a Few Weeks)


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Learning a language requires two things, time and perseverance. Fluency in a foreign language doesn’t happen overnight, and if you want to learn a language well you have to be willing to face some hurdles along the way.

Whatever these hurdles may be, remember… Continue reading

Christmas Continued…


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Some more Christmas facts, because, you know, it’s Christmas and who doesn’t love Christmas.

For a few more fun Russian Christmas facts you can watch the video below:

Brushing Up


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The value of this week’s brushing up should not be underestimated, and here’s why…

  1. Everyone forgets that language is like any other subject – for things to stick you have to go over them.
  2. You can’t learn to run before you can walk – everyone has to start from the bottom when it comes to language learning, you can’t be fluent unless you know the basics to start with.
  3. There will be things that inevitably you’ve forgotten, rediscovering them counts as progress.

Continue reading

When One Became Two…and a Bit


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As the title of this post suggests, one week away from my Russian journey has slowly crept up to two and a bit weeks away. Instead of getting into the why’s, I think it would be a far better use of my time to jump straight back into things.

So, over the past few days I’ve been brushing up on my numbers and flicking through a number of really useful websites; particular mention should be made of Russian Plus and RussianLessons.

As for the week ahead, well that will spent much the same way. Word a day will happen as usual, and I might even venture to learn a few Russian colours but for the most part a quick Russian refresher is definitely in order.

Until next time, до свидания!

A Brief Hiatus


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It it is perhaps best to start with the title of this post – A Brief Hiatus. This coming week, I’ll be taking a short break from my Russian – not because I feel I’ve hit a brick wall, or that I am swamped with all the new vocabulary, but instead because the week ahead is looking rather busy for me with work and visiting friends. So no Russian at all? Well maybe I’ll stick to ‘word a day’, but not much more. Continue reading